Summer 2019

Facilitating ​Intercultural ​Conciousness

We ​are ​pleased ​to ​announce ​a ​collaboration ​between ​The ​Frank ​J. ​Guarini ​Institute ​for ​International ​Education ​at ​Dartmouth ​College ​and ​the ​Intercultural ​Development ​Research ​Institute ​(IDRI) ​located ​in ​Milan, ​Italy ​and ​the ​US ​to ​offer ​two ​programs ​in ​Facilitating ​Intercultural ​Consciousness. ​The ​programs ​will ​be ​held ​during ​the ​week ​of ​July ​29th ​- ​August ​1st, ​2019 ​at ​Dartmouth ​College ​in ​Hanover, ​NH. ​ ​ 

3 Day Course

Intercultural Learning: Applying the New Paradigm to International/Multicultural Education

This three-day course offers comprehensive overview of intercultural learning theory and its practical application. Beginning with a brief history of intercultural learning in international and domestic contexts, the course shows how changes in knowledge paradigms have impacted and, in some cases, impeded the learning potential of cross-cultural contact.  It then reviews the state-of-the-art developmental model of intercultural sensitivity, with case studies and research reports of how it has been used in a wide range of international and multicultural programs.  Finally, the course provides participants with new paradigm solutions to their particular programmatic goals.  Program details

1 Day Workshop

Encountering Difference: Entering Alternative Experience through Observational Categories

This one-day workshop is intended for faculty and administrators of study abroad and other international education programs.  It is designed to stand alone as an overview of how to use "constructed observational categories" in pre-departure on-site intercultural learning programs.  The workshop could also be taken as further practical application of the 3-day course in Intercultural Learning:  Applying the New Paradigm to International/Multicultural Education. Program details

Faculty ​Facilitator

Dr. ​Milton ​Bennett ​is ​a ​senior ​faculty ​member ​of ​IDRAcadamy, ​an ​adjunct ​member ​of ​the ​Faculty ​of ​Sociology ​at ​University ​of ​Milano ​Bicocca, ​and ​a ​founding ​fellow ​of ​the ​International ​Academy ​of ​Intercultural ​Research. ​Previously ​he ​was ​an ​associate ​professor ​of ​communication ​at ​Portland ​State ​University, ​where ​for ​15 ​years ​he ​directed ​the ​graduate ​program ​in ​intercultural ​communication, ​and ​subsequently ​co-founded ​the ​Intercultural ​Communication ​Institute ​and ​its ​Summer ​Institute ​for ​Intercultural ​Communication. ​In ​addition ​to ​his ​academic ​activities, ​Dr. ​Bennett ​provides ​consulting ​and ​training ​for ​universities ​and ​K-12 ​school ​districts ​on ​using ​an ​intercultural ​approach ​to ​international ​study ​and ​domestic ​diversity ​and ​inclusion ​programs. 

Dr. ​Bennett ​is ​known ​for ​originating ​the ​Developmental ​Model ​of ​Intercultural ​Sensitivity ​and ​his ​text ​Basic ​Concepts ​of ​Intercultural ​Communication: ​Paradigms, ​Principles, ​& ​Practices. ​Following ​his ​life-long ​interest ​in ​the ​philosophy ​of ​science, ​Milton ​currently ​generates ​new ​theory ​and ​research ​through ​the ​Intercultural ​Development ​Research ​Institute ​(IDRInstitute), ​which ​operates ​in ​the ​US ​and ​Europe. ​