3 Day Course

Intercultural ​Learning: ​Applying ​the ​New ​Paradigm ​to ​International/Multicultural ​Education

Monday July 29th-Wednesday July 31, 2019

at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Intercultural learning has moved from the shadows of international education into the spotlight, and it is now garnering attention in multicultural education as well.  Shorter, more focused study abroad programs are increasingly dependent on the “intervention” of pre-departure, on-site, and re-entry facilitation to achieve their educational goals. And more cultural diversity in both domestic and international contexts is making intercultural learning an everyday necessity.

This three-day course offers a comprehensive overview of intercultural learning theory and its practical application. Beginning with a brief history of intercultural learning in international and domestic contexts, the course shows how changes in knowledge paradigms have impacted and, in some cases, impeded the learning potential of cross-cultural contact. It then reviews the state-of-the-art developmental model of intercultural sensitivity, with case studies and research reports of how it has been used in a wide range of international and multicultural programs. Finally, the course provides participants with new paradigm solutions to their particular programmatic goals.

Daily Schedule of Activities

  1. Day One: A Constructivist Approach to Intercultural/Multicultural Learning
    1. Knowledge paradigms: A brief conceptual history of “culture” and “otherness”
    2. Constructivism: A coherent conceptual approach to creating intercultural consciousness
    3. Paradigmatic confusion: Maintaining the laser-like focus necessary for change
  1. Day Two: Developing Intercultural Sensitivity
    1. Overcoming ethnocentrism: Transcending isms and the fear of otherness
    2. Facilitating ethnorelativism: Building competence in engaging cultural difference
    3. Maintaining integration: Intercultural identity, global/multicultural citizenship, and virtual third culture
  1. Day Three: Prototypical and Participant Case Application
    1. International study abroad: Getting beyond logistics
    2. Intercultural learning in multicultural contexts: Getting beyond political correctness
    3. Making intercultural learning transferable between global and domestic intercultural contexts and across disciplines
    4. Communicating the credibility and relevance of the new paradigm in proposals, marketing, and training/education programs

Target Audience

This course is specifically designed for faculty and administrators who want to position intercultural learning as central to international and domestic cross-cultural programs, who want to attract diverse student participants, and who want to improve the transferability of intercultural learning between international and domestic multicultural contexts. This is the core course for those who might optionally be interested in pursuing an IDRI Diploma in Facilitating Intercultural Development.