The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education is partnering with Diversity Abroad to provide the online student success platform, Abroad360°, to Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff.


The Guarini Institute for International Education strives to ensure that study away is accessible and enriching for all students, faculty, and staff. In keeping with this, we are proud to partner with Diversity Abroad, an organization that seeks to create equitable access to the benefits of global education by empowering educators, engaging stakeholders, and connecting diverse students to resources and opportunity.

Diversity Abroad's student success platform, Abroad360°, is a comprehensive suite of resources that include online modules, workshops, articles, and in-depth cultural destination guides that support students before, during, and after global programs. Each tool within Abroad360° is designed to deliver content that is identity-specific and takes into consideration diverse students' concerns, such as their wellness, safety and security. Dartmouth faculty and staff are also invited to create an account in order to access resources that help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education.

Getting Started

Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff can access Abroad360° resources by following these steps:

  1. Use your @dartmouth.edu email address to create an account on DiversityAbroad.com.  


    Diversity Abroad 1
  2. To access the Virtual Learning & Advising Modules click "Abroad360° Modules" from the upper right dropdown menu or the "Access Abroad360° Modules" button on your dashboard. 


    Diversity Abroad 3
  3. The Virtual Learning & Advising Modules library will open. Click any module to begin! 


    Diversity Abroad 4
  4. The Cultural & Diversity Destination Guides are located under the Articles & Resources menu tab on DiversityAbroad.com (select "Destination Guides").


    Diversity Abroad 5
  5. In order to access the Abroad360° specific content from the Destination Guides, click on the diversity & inclusion icons (e.g. Students of Color, LGBTQIA+, etc.) on the right side of the page of each guide.


    Diversity Abroad 6
  6. Also located under the "Articles & Resources" tab is a section that includes many articles written by students who have returned from studying abroad and Diversity Abroad staff. Click "Guide to Global Programs" to explore these resources.


    Diversity Abroad 6