The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education is partnering with Diversity Abroad to provide the online student success platform, Includifi, to Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff.


The Guarini Institute for International Education strives to ensure that study away is accessible and enriching for all students, faculty, and staff. In keeping with this, we are proud to partner with Diversity Abroad, an organization that seeks to create equitable access to the benefits of global education by empowering educators, engaging stakeholders, and connecting diverse students to resources and opportunities.

Diversity Abroad's student success platform, Includifi,  is a comprehensive resource designed to support students before, during, and after global programs. Includifi provides content that is identity-specific and takes into consideration diverse students' concerns, such as their wellness, safety and security. Dartmouth faculty and staff are also invited to create an account in order to access resources that help improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education.


Getting Started

Logging In

Your Includifi account is accessible using your Dartmouth NetID and password.

Click here to access Includifi

You will be prompted to complete an optional profile. You will see the resources accessible to you on the left side menu.


Pathway Courses

Includifi's Pathway Courses are a series of short, animated videos and activities that center students with diverse and intersecting identities, and provide a guided pathway to campus life and services. These culturally-responsive courses are available 24/7 and feature videos, activities, and resources for taking action.

Students going on an off-campus program are required to complete: 

  1. Staying Healthy During Your Global Experience
  2. One other module of the student's choice

To begin a course, browse the Pathway Courses and click on a course you would like to take. When the course's webpage opens,  click "Enroll/Add to My Courses" in order to obtain access to the course content.



If you have any questions about accessing your Includifi account, please contact the Guarini Institute.