What's Next

Upon your return to Dartmouth, we recommend thinking about ways to continue unpacking your experience off campus.  Below are some options for on-campus offerings for off-campus program alumni.


Reflect On Your Experience

Students who went on study away programs are encouraged to review their program goals (established during the pre-arrival orientation in the workbook) and reflect on their completion. There are also reflection prompts and tips toward the end of the Guarini Student Handbook.

Lastly, there are funds available to students who want to gather with program group cohorts for an informal debrief of the experience. This is a wonderful opportunity to close the loop and reconnect with peers from the program. You can contact Shino.Pichette@Dartmouth.edu to find out about these options.


Student Spotlight

Want to share your story? Go to your program application and click on the Student Spotlight! The prompts allow you to reflect on your experience and provide advice for future program attendees. You can also add photos and be featured on our Instagram. 


Take a Course: What's in Your Shoebox?

Consider enrolling in COCO 21 What's in Your Shoebox? Unpacking Your Study Abroad ExperienceThis course provides a platform to uncover the value of your study away experience and deeply reflect upon learning and growth. It also allows you to identify creative, practical, and meaningful ways to apply this new knowledge and awareness to future jobs, projects, classes, and adventures. This course is often taught by our own Associate Director and Faculty, Francine A'Ness.


Get Paid to Pay it Forward: Become a Student Alumni Mentor

All students who are alumni of off-campus programs are encouraged to apply to be a student alumni mentor (SAM). This paid position as a student employee offers about 10 hours of work per term with flexibility for more and includes preparation and training meetings, being a panelist for and facilitating the quarterly pre-arrival orientation, and mentoring students in program cohorts before, during, and after their time away. Students don't need to be on campus the entire year, but we hope that applicants can be available to participate throughout the entire academic year.

Applications for this position open in the late spring term for the upcoming academic year, so be on the lookout for our Vox announcement and apply!


Volunteer: Become a Student Representative in the Committee for Off-Campus Activities (COCA)

The purpose of the student representative position in the Committee for Off-Campus Activities (COCA) is to voice your feedback and perspective as a student during the exchange and faculty-directed program reviews. Student voices are heard and represented as equal to the opinions and advice of the faculty members.  The COCA meets on a bi-monthly basis 5 times per term. This position requires about 6 hours per month (4 hours for both meetings and 2 hours for prep).

Students are welcome to email Megan at Megan.R.Wood@Dartmouth.edu with any questions; volunteers are accepted all year round and only require a term-by-term commitment.  


Apply for Another Term Away

Applications for the following academic year generally open around October 1. Check in with your advisor, explore the programs and review our Dates and Deadlines.