How to Apply


Timeline illustrating the pre-decision phase

Who can Apply for an Off-Campus Program?

Applications to the Guarini Institute's off-campus programs are open to all Dartmouth undergraduates who:

  1. anticipate being in good academic standing,
  2. plan to complete the necessary prerequisite course(s) at the time of participation, and 
  3. have completed the First-Year Seminar Requirement. 
  4. are applying for a program during the next academic year. Applications for off-campus programs are open from October 1 - February 1.


Application Tips

  • Only fully completed and submitted applications are reviewed. 
  • No applicants are guaranteed acceptance.
  • Apply to Multiple Programs! Due to varying enrollment limits and the competitiveness of certain programs, applicants are encouraged to apply for more than one program even if it is during the same term. Applying to multiple programs will not affect your chances of acceptance in other programs since Faculty Directors only review applications for their own program(s). However, if you are accepted to two programs within the same term, you may only commit to one program per term. 


Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to answer your basic questions and if you don't find an answer, contact