How to Apply

Applications to the Guarini Institute's off-campus programs are open to all Dartmouth undergraduates who anticipate being in good academic standing and plan to complete the necessary prerequisite course(s) at the time of participation. Applicants must also have completed the First-Year Seminar Requirement. Acceptance to an off-campus program is based on application materials, recommendations and, in some cases, interviews. Due to enrollment limits, applicants are encouraged to apply for more than one program. Please be aware, not all applicants are guaranteed acceptance.

Before You Apply

Although not required, the following is a helpful checklist of steps to consider before applying for an off-campus program:

  • Find A Program
  • Review Program Details
    • Each program has a brochure page with an "About This Program" section as well as additional program resources
  • Review Your D-Plan
    • Consider a flexible study plan that takes into account when you can fulfill prerequisites, when you will be required to be on-campus, and when you will be required to take leave terms
  • Talk To Your Undergraduate Dean
    • Seek advising to find out how an off-campus program fits into your academic goals
  • Talk To Your Peers
  • Talk To Guarini Institute Student Advisory Board (SAB) Members
    • In the fall and winter terms, SAB members conduct outreach in classrooms and common areas around campus
  • Talk To The Department Contact
    • Check the program brochure page for the department's contact details
  • Request Dartmouth Faculty To Be Recommenders

October 01: All Off-Campus Program Applications Open

Applying to an off-campus program

When you are ready to apply for a program, click the "APPLY TO THIS PROGRAM" button in the left column of a program brochure page. You will be redirected to the Guarini Institute's application software which may require you to login with your NetID. Once you are in the application software, select an available term and click 'Apply'.

Program Application Page

Each off-campus program has a corresponding Program Application Page. In the Guarini Institute's application software, you will find your applications by navigating to Applicant -> My Applications. Clicking a program title will direct you to its Program Application Page. In the Program Application Page, you will find multiple elements that must be completed before the application deadline, including questionnaires, signature documents, and recommendations.

Application Questionnaires

Application Questionnaires consist of multiple question types, including short answer, essay, multiple choice, and file upload.

Here is an example: Application Example.pdf 

Signature Documents

Signature Documents require a legal signature. Typically, these are consent forms. The Guarini Institute's application software is set up to accept digital signatures of applicants over 18 years of age, which are considered legal signatures. Applicants who are under 18 years of age may require an accompanying signature from their parent/guardian to complete their Signature Documents.

Material Submissions

Material Submission are primarily submitted via your student portal however select documents may require you to print and deliver them to the Guarini Institute or emailed to  


Prior to requesting an online recommendation, undergraduate students must contact each potential recommender directly to ask if s/he is willing to serve as a recommender. After receiving approval from the faculty member(s), students will need to identify their recommenders in the application system. Each recommender will then receive an e-mail message requesting that a recommendation be completed on the student's behalf along with information about how to complete the recommendation online.  Recommendations cannot come from anyone with a "student" status.

Complete Application

When all of the application elements are checked "Received" the application is considered complete.



Application Deadline

The Application Deadline is the final day on which students can apply to a program. Once the application deadline has passed, all applications will be locked. Applicants will only be allowed to view the application and will receive a message indicating that the deadline has passed and their application is under review.  If an applicant has not completed all requirements, the application will be tagged incomplete and will not be considered.


In some cases, an application reviewer may request an interview with a student in order to make a determination. Interviews are either conducted on campus or via web conference. All interviews are scheduled and completed prior to the decision date.

Decision Date

The decision date is when an applicant will be permitted to learn if s/he has been accepted, waitlisted, or not accepted. On the decision date, all applicants will be notified via email that their application status changed and to access the application site for decision results.

What is my status?

PendingMost new applications automatically begin in the 'Pending' status. Applications remain in the pending status until an admin changes the status and the decision date is reached.

Not Accepted: A status of 'Not Accepted' means that the application was not accepted. The applicant is notified of the decision once the decision date is reached.

Waitlisted: Applicants will receive an email if they are waitlisted for a program. No action is necessary to remain on a program's Waitlist.

There is no financial commitment to remain on the waitlist, though, it is expected that all waitlisted applicants be ready to go abroad. Only students on the waitlist who have completed all of the participation requirements will be accepted into the program as soon as space becomes available, even on very short notice. Please understand that it is impossible for the Guarini Institute to predict whether a waitlisted applicant will be accepted into a program. Waitlist rankings are often not available. Applicants may remain on the waitlist for as long as they wish.

Accepted: Applicants will receive an email if they are accepted for a program. Accepted applicants should login to the Guarini Institute Application System to confirm their accepted status. After confirming their accepted status, applicants must choose whether or not to commit to the program by the commitment deadline stated in the email.

Commited: When applicants are accepted to a program, they are provided with a panel at the top of their application page asking them to indicate if they wish to participate in the program or decline their participation in the program. If applicants choose to commit to the program, their application status will be changed from 'Accepted' to 'Committed'. If they choose to decline their acceptance, their application status is automatically changed to 'Withdrawn'.

Applicants are no longer able to withdraw from a program once they click on the 'Commit' button after acceptance. 

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all prerequisites and participation requirements are completed before they go overseas. All participation requirements will be detailed in the program's Orientation Memo. If the applicant does not complete all prerequisites and participation requirements, their committed status will be withdrawn.