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Faculty-Directed Program Offerings

*Offerings, locations, and schedules are subject to change 
Updated 2 February 2024


Faculty-Directed Program offerings thru 2026

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Open House June 1, 2021: Updates, COVID 19 Considerations, Conditional Acceptance, Resource Highlights,

Open House June 15, 2021: Travel Guidance, Informed Consent Form: SARS CoV 2/COVID- 19, Participant Agreement, Travel Consults and Planning for your health while on study away.  Special Guest, Dr. Brack from Dick's House.

Open House June 29, 2021: Updated Travel Guidance, Protocols, Flights, Gateway Issues, Announcements, Upcoming Schedule of Orientation Events and Information, Future Program Offerings.

Open House July 13, 2021: Program Updates, Next Steps for Fall Programs (Flights & Orientations).  Financial Planning for Off-Campus Programs, Budgeting, Financial Aid for Study Away,  Special Guest Gordon Dino Koff, Director of Financial Aid.

Open House July 27, 2021: Study Away Student Alumni Panel.  Selecting a program, preparing to go, making the most of the experience, how it impacts your time at Dartmouth.