International SOS & Starr Insurance

International Programs: ISOS and Starr Insurance 

All Dartmouth students traveling internationally are covered by the Dartmouth International SOS Medical and Travel Security Assistance plan.

  1. Internationally, travel assistance services are provided by International SOS (ISOS). Limited medical and travel insurance are covered by Starr Insurance (see below for more detail). 

  2. ISOS is not an insurance company. ISOS provides travel assistance, medical assistance and advice, and medical referrals. ISOS also provides coordination for injuries, emergencies, and evacuations. 

  3. Starr insurance provides travel and medical insurance coverage for urgent and emergent conditions and flare-ups of preexisting conditions. (See FAQ). Starr medical insurance does not cover routine care or physicals, nor elective or cosmetic procedures.  

  4. To receive Starr Insurance coverage, you must—whenever possible—contact ISOS first and request a referral to an "in-network" medical facility or provider. On some international programs, you will use a health insurance plan provided by the local university or be asked by our support partners to use their travel assistance service and/or insurance plan.  
    - For faculty-directed programs, see "Supplemental Health Coverage" in your Program Guide in your Student Portal.  
    - For exchange programs, talk to the international office at your host institution to see if additional, local health care coverage or services are available to enrolled exchange students. 

  5. To contact ISOS: Call 001 (215) 942-8478 OR  Email (checked 24 hours)  OR Download the ISOS app to phone and, with WIFI, call ISOS for free, or use the live chat feature. Then, use the Dartmouth ISOS ID 11BSGC000018 

  6. ISOS can answer questions, provide advice, offer a referral, and open a case whereby ISOS will assign a case number to track the issue and provide ongoing support until the matter is resolved/closed. 

  7. Provided you go through ISOS for a referral—whenever possible—your emergent and urgent medical treatment, including counseling services, are fully covered by Starr Insurance. [See "Overview Flyer: Starr Insurance and ISOS"]. 

  8. Working with ISOS, you can access 5 free counseling sessions (and more free sessions if needed/requested). You can connect with ISOS before traveling to set up counseling proactively or you can contact ISOS while on the program, as needed, and request a referral. Another option for counseling via teletherapy while abroad is UWILL

  9. For additional travel recommendations visit the Dartmouth College Health Service website. Consider scheduling a Travel Consult with them for travel outside the U.S. 

  10. For other questions, call the Guarini Insitute at 603-646-1202 or email 

Domestic Programs

  1. Students on domestic programs will use your primary insurance (DSGHP or other) for medical coverage. Services available to Dartmouth students that can be accessed remotely are also available to students on domestic programs. Students do not receive travel assistance services from ISOS.  

  2. On domestic programs, you can access counseling by calling your insurance company, contacting UWILL, or using Psychology Today: "Therapist Finder." In a crisis, call 911, call or text National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988, or use the UHELP Crisis Line at 833-646-1526. 

  3. For domestic exchange programs, direct your questions to your host institution to see if additional, local health care coverage or services are available to enrolled exchange students. 

  4. For additional information, call the Guarini Insitute at 603-646-1202 or email