Financing Your Program

Tuition and Fees

Expenses for a Dartmouth-sponsored off-campus program normally include regular tuition charges for a term at Dartmouth, Dartmouth service fees, room & board for the program location, and transportation costs to and from the program site. Some of these costs are billed directly to the student by Dartmouth, while the student is responsible for purchasing other costs directly, such as for transportation.


Program Budget Sheets

You can view a budget sheet on each program page under the "Financing Your Program" section. The budget sheets detail billable and non-billable estimated costs. "Billable" costs are expenses that will be billed directly to the student's account by Dartmouth, "non-billable" costs are expenses that the student is responsible for purchasing. Students who receive financial aid should be aware that if the total estimated cost of the program is greater than a term in Hanover, their award package will be modified to cover the difference. Please note that budget sheets are updated anually, although for certain programs that run more than once in a year they are updated each term the program is offered.


Further Financial Planning

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