Budgeting and Costs

You can view an example Student Budget Sheet for each program by visiting the program's page and finding the applicable and/or most recent term. 

Faculty-Directed Programs


You can view a sample budget sheet for each program by visiting the program's page and finding the appropriate and/or most recent term. Budget sheets for specific programs will be available in a committed student's program application in TerraDotta and is displayed in the Program Info tab.


Exchange Programs

For each exchange program tuition and fees are billed differently based on the Guarini Institute's agreement with the exchange partner.  For most programs students are billed Dartmouth tuition and service fees, the exception being the 12 College Exchange programs where students are billed tuition by the exchange partner. Students are responsible for paying housing fees directly to the exchange partner or to their housing provider if they live in non-university housing. Some exchange partners provide meal plans which students can sign up and be billed for. Other exchange partners do not provide meal plans, and so the student is responsible for purchasing their own groceries or meals. Transportation to and from the program site is also the responsibility of the student.

Students can view the most current cost estimate for each program by visiting the program's page and finding the most recent budget sheet under the "Financing Your Program" section. Students who receive financial aid should be aware that if the total estimated cost of the program is greater than a typical term in Hanover, their award package will be modified to cover the difference. 

Transfer Term

In a transfer term, the student pays the program directly in addition to a transfer term fee of $2,200 for transfer terms in spring, summer, and winter.

For more information please see the Office of the Registrar's page on Transfer Terms.