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German Studies


Federation of German-American Clubs Exchange: a junior-year exchange program at a German university for academic credit in most fields.

Since 1968, the Federation of German-American Clubs has sponsored an annual exchange that brings one German student to Hanover and invites one Dartmouth student to spend a full year or single semester at a German university. The student, selected by the Department of German Studies, must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the language. A student can request from among a number German universities the one that is most suited to his or her academic interests. Students who participate on the exchange for an academic year are eligible to transfer up to nine credits to count toward their Dartmouth diploma, whereas students who attend for a single semester are eligible to transfer up to four credits to count toward their Dartmouth diploma. 

To learn more about this program, please visit the department website:

Enrollment Information

Every year about 1-2 students are selected for this program. Students first apply through the Guarini Institute by the February 1st application deadline. After February 1st, faculty from the Department of German Studies will review applications and make acceptance decisions. Students will be notified of their acceptance decisions on March 1st.

Successful applicants who are accepted and commit to the program will receive a nomination from the Guarini Institute. Applying for an exchange program involves two steps: if you receive a nomination from the Guarini Institute you will also need to complete the host institution's application, which is administered and reviewed by the host institution. The Guarini Institute will provide further instructions on this second step to students after they are accepted and commit to a program.

For more information about applying for this program, see our webpage on How to Apply & our FAQs under section 2 (How to Apply: Application), or contact the Guarini Institute.



Faculty Director


Participants on this exchange enroll as full time students and choose from available courses they are qualified for at their host university. Students can receive nine transfer credits for a full academic year or four transfer credits for a single semester. Classes may be in either German or English depending on the field.

Click here for information on transfer credits


Prospective applicants should consult with the Faculty Director and German Studies Department before the end of the previous fall term. 



Tuition and Fees

In addition to the obvious educational benefits, the exchange offers significant financial advantages. Students pay a fee to offset the cost of the exchange and service fees to Dartmouth. The fee for students who participate for the academic year will be the equivalent of one term of Dartmouth tuition. Students who participate for a semester will be charged the equivalent of one third of a term's worth of Dartmouth tuition. 

At the same time, students receive a living allowance in Germany of approximately 800 euros per month for an estimated total of 8,000 euros for the academic year or 4,000 euros for a semester. This living allowance is dispersed on a monthly basis. The Federation can also help to locate affordable housing and help with all of the paperwork. The Federation will also provide students with a German Railroad Card. The cost of transportation to and from the site is the responsibility of the student. 

Because the exchange is an official program sponsored by the College, Dartmouth students do not need to pay the transfer term fee that the College charges to students who study on outside programs during leave terms.

Financial Aid

In order that all qualified Dartmouth undergraduate students may have the opportunity to take part in off-campus programs, the College endeavors to adjust its normal financial aid awards for students already receiving aid. Tuition and expected family contribution for Dartmouth's off-campus programs are the same as for an on-campus term.

All costs, including airfare and spending money, are considered when determining the cost of an off-campus program. Any costs in excess of a typical term in Hanover are met with additional Dartmouth Scholarship Funds.  Loan assistance is offered to replace the employment that would normally be included in an on-campus term.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own plane ticket and, in many cases, meals. Often this means that part of the expected family contribution is used towards these costs rather than for tuition. For help sorting out who pays what and how, a visit to the Financial Aid Office is often advisable.

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