Passports and Visas


Updating or Applying for a New Passport

For US citizens, information on how to apply for or renew a passport can be found on the US passport website.


Passport Expirations

If you don't possess an updated passport and have not already applied for your passport, please do so immediately.  All program participants are required to have a passport valid for a minimum of 3 months and we suggest at least 6 months or longer beyond your program end date.  If your passport expires before then, plan to apply for a new one.  Additionally, some countries may require that you have a particular number of pages in your passport; visit your program's country consular website for more information.  


Passport Safety

Keep a few copies of your passport in several places so that if you lose it or it is stolen, this will help expedite the process to apply for a new one.

  • Leave a photocopy at home
  • Upload a copy to the ISOS App (once logged in using the Dartmouth Group ID number: 11BSGC000018, click to "Activate your emergency record")
  • Upload your signed passport to the Post-Decision Passport Upload within your program application (required)
  • Upload your signed passport to Program Partner Registrations, if applicable to your program
  • Keep a printed copy on your person/in your wallet (strictly speaking, you should always carry your passport with you, however, most travelers choose to keep their passport and other important documentation in a safe place upon arrival to their program site and always carry a copy of their passport)



What is a Visa?

A visa is an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave, or stay for a specified period within a country.  

Will I need a Visa?

You are responsible for determining if you need a visa to participate in an off-campus program.  Failure to obtain a visa when one is required could result in removal from your program and/or legal issues in-country and your ability to receive academic credit for the program. 

You will likely not *(see below) need a visa if: 

  • You are a US Citizen or hold a US Passport. 


  • You are planning to attend a single-term program within the specified program date window (give or take a few days for your travel) for a total in-country period of 90 days or less. 

You may need a visa if:  

  • You are not a US citizen. It is important for international students at Dartmouth to be in touch with OVIS about visa implications to their status at Dartmouth. See the Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) website for more information.
  • You plan to spend multiple terms off campus (back-to-back terms away). If this is the case, please also be sure to notify the Guarini Institute at
  • You plan on traveling outside of the US or staying in-country before and/or after the program start to end dates and this period will meet or exceed a total of 90 days. 
  • You plan to travel to multiple countries while on your program (including any listed below) 
  • You are a US citizen traveling to any of the following countries: 
    • China 
    • Cuba 
    • Ghana 
    • Russia 
    • Vietnam 

Where can I get a Visa?

Check out the Global Dartmouth webpage on visa services or helpful information!


Dartmouth College has partnered with Travisa passport and visa service to provide comprehensive information and support in obtaining travel documents; providing information about restrictions and requirements; and helping with your visa or passport needs for a discounted fee. 

*To determine if (or if you know that) you will need a visa for your travel, complete the Travisa form and follow the prompts; the next page will provide you with guidance on obtaining your visa either through Travisa or a consulate.  Please also be sure to review all the entry restrictions and requirements listed on the page. 


What else will I need? 

Entry Letters 

While some program sites may not require US citizens to apply for a visa prior to arrival the immigration officials at the airport will sometimes ask for documentation upon arrival of your student status, this is often the case with the UK.  In this instance, the Guarini institute will provide you with a letter indicating your student status that you should print and have available when you arrive at your destination. 

Visa Support Letters 

If you will need a visa support letter to apply for a visa please email indicating all the necessary details that should be included in the letter. 

Although the Guarini Institute makes its best effort to remain current with each country's visa requirements, please note that each situation is unique. With that in mind, please conduct your own research and perform due diligence when determining if a visa is necessary for your participation in your off-campus program. you are responsible for obtaining an appropriate visa if necessary.

See the Office of Visa and Immigration (OVIS) website for more information.