On Campus Resources

Dartmouth College has many resources available to students and faculty that are accessible while both on and off-campus.

The Dartmouth College Health Service (Dick's House)

The Dartmouth College Health Service, located at Dick's House, provides a patient-centered medical home to all Dartmouth students. Dick's House staff is committed to providing inclusive, culturally sensitive, quality health care to Dartmouth's diverse population. Dick's House services include: mental health counseling, alcohol & drug education, immunizations, nutrition counseling, primary care & preventative medicine, travel health consultations, allergy injections, and athletic/sports medicine.


The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (IDE)

The office of Institutional Diversity & Equity is focused on supporting, assisting, and enhancing Dartmouth's commitment to learning and pluralism. This office provides resources and programming to help maintain and build an environment that accepts and welcomes difference.


The Office of Visa and Immigration Support (OVIS)

OVIS advises Dartmouth-sponsored international students, faculty, and scholars on the maintenance of legal immigration status, provides visa support for Dartmouth's non-immigrant international population, and assists international students in maintaining their legal non-immigrant status once enrolled or working at the College.


Student Alumni Mentors

Students are encouraged to reach out to any of the Guarini Institute's Student Alumni Mentors (SAM) for a student perspective on the study away experience. SAM are undergraduate students who have studied away on at least one Guarini Institute-sponsored program. They are available to talk with undergraduates who are in all stages of planning for or participating on an off-campus program. 


Title IX

The Title IX office promotes an environment of sexual respect, safety, and well-being. Their website provides information on Dartmouth's programs for promoting sexual respect, and resources, policies, and procedures for preventing and responding to sexual assault, sexual and gender-based harassment, and other forms of sexual misconduct.

Financial Aid & Funding Opportunities

In order that all qualified Dartmouth undergraduate students may have the opportunity to take part in off-campus programs, the College, through the Financial Aid Office, endeavors to adjust its normal financial aid awards for students already receiving aid. Additionally, please see the Funding Opportunities page on our website for more information about scholarships available to students for off-campus programs.


The Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL)

OPAL strives to foster a Dartmouth where all students can thrive, value difference, and contribute to the creation of a socially just world.


Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

The SAS office works with students, faculty, staff, and the campus administration to ensure that the programs, services, and activities of Dartmouth College are accessible to, and usable by, students with disabilities. Dartmouth students who are registered with SAS are typically eligible for accomodations on off-campus programs.


Tucker Center for Spiritual and Ethical Life

The William Jewett Tucker Center inspires and supports members of the Dartmouth community to cultivate a deep sense of meaning and purpose through spiritual, ethical and moral exploration and engagement.


Undergraduate Deans Office

Undergraduate Deans meet with students to discuss academic advising, personal issues, and College policies. Deans can provide information about College resources and make referrals as needed.