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International SOS Travel Assistance

Dartmouth has partnered with International SOS to provide travel, medical and security assistance for all Dartmouth travelers. The services provided by International SOS range from telephone advice and referrals to full-scale evacuation by private air ambulance. The SOS network of multilingual specialists operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from SOS Alarm Centers around the world. The SOS membership, provided by the College, protects you against a variety of difficulties that could arise while abroad. The coverage is designed to supplement the policies, procedures and support staff, which Dartmouth College already has in place. 

It is important to understand that, although International SOS will offer members of the Dartmouth community travel, medical and security advice and services, as well as on-line access to information which many insurance companies do not offer, International SOS is not health insurance. Dartmouth continues to require all students attending our programs to maintain health insurance coverage that meets the standards set forth by the College's Student Health Service and to make certain that their policies cover them while abroad.

Please be aware that some of ISOS’s services carry additional charges. Should you request a service which has an additional charge, ISOS will inform you in advance and will require a credit card number in order to activate the service. If, in the event of an emergency, Dartmouth provides the financial guarantee to ISOS on your behalf, the College will bill you for this charge upon receipt of the actual amount by ISOS. Please know that such charges may not be billed until after you return from the trip abroad.

For additional information, please visit Risk and Internal Controls Services or call them at (603) 646-2441. You may also contact the Guarini Institute at (603) 646-1202.


Students on off-campus programs should be aware that attitudes toward medical conditions, disabilities, and psychological conditions vary by country. These differences may impact the level of treatment and accommodation available abroad. Students should give serious consideration to their health and personal circumstances when applying for a program and should consult with their physicians.

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The Guarini Institute staff are familiar with Dartmouth’s safety and security policies. In addition, they keep a close watch on the situation in our program locations. Their knowledge of locale and experience in supporting Dartmouth students overseas make them an excellent source for advice on behaviors you may want to avoid and situations in which you should be careful. Do not hesitate to call on them for information.

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